(Evaluation of the Start-up Ecosystem Fostering Bill) Abstract

Nº 2+3 / 2022 - abril-septiembre

(Evaluation of the Start-up Ecosystem Fostering Bill)

Luis Alberto Ruano Marrón
Universidad de La Rioja
José Ruiz Navarro
Organización de Empresas de la Universidad de Cádiz
Raúl Medina Tamayo
Técnico Jurídico en la Cátedra de Emprendedores de la Universidad de Cádiz


The main objective of the article is to offer a framework for reflection of the startup´s
proposed law presented to parliament for discussion that can contribute to its improvement.
The work uses indicators from the Observatorio del Emprendimiento de
España and the country’s capacity to attract capital to its startup market. In addition, the information obtained from a panel of eighty-five experts has been used to assess the impact of the standard on: the conditioning factors of the environment for entrepreneurship; the phases of birth, consolidation and growth; and, the
requirements established to be an emerging company.
The results obtained indicate that although the proposed law obtains a favorable
assessment as a whole, some environmental conditions are better evaluated than others.
Thus, aspects related to financing, taxation or bureaucracy are better valued than others that affect the knowledge society. The relaxation of the requirements to be declared an emerging company and the expansion of controlled test environments are some of the numerous suggestions that are included in the article.

Keywords: ecosystem, startups, innovation, regulatory framework, entrepreneurship.